City Home

If you are a city dweller, chances are that you have come to know the hustle of the city streets. Along with the inspiration and variety that urban living offers comes the noise, aromas, and elemental exposure of simply navigating a cityscape on a daily basis. For these reasons, public parks have long been seen as a necessary respite for the urban population. On the same note, shared common areas within residential buildings are an attractive amenity that many property management companies choose to develop. When it comes to the stacked, vertical living that defines a city, even the smallest bit of private outdoor space becomes something to treasure. Whether it is a rooftop, terrace, balcony, or courtyard, outdoor space is a premium and adds tremendous value to the urban lifestyle. Blondie’s has decades of experience in transforming a spectrum of exterior spaces. Starting from a blank slate or renovating an existing gardenscape, we understand the many considerations that need to be incorporated for a successful city garden. Outdoor kitchens, water features, pergolas, furniture, and planting beds are just a few of the design options to talk over. Each garden is customized to the character of the residence, where the outdoor living space reflects the lifestyle of the owner. Whether we are working with a broader brand of a developed residential building, or focused in on a specific private residence, BTH understands how to define a scope of service that reflects each client and delivers a complete exterior package that makes the enjoyment of urban outdoor living possible.