Pergolas add architectural interest to the outdoors. As a freestanding structure it can expand the landscape by being placed not next to the house but out in the garden space. This may maximize a view or develop the full square footage of the landscape. Set off from the main area they can be tucked away, and create a charming nook. Attached to the house a pergola can extend the living space. Set within the structure a dining room, fire place area or lounge can elevate outdoor living to a new level. While a minimal structure may suggest the idea of shelter, pergolas that have a solid roof or incorporate siding into their design can enclose a space while also providing privacy. For urban patios or rooftop gardens where privacy is a main concern, pergolas cannot only conceal but also make the most of the often small space with a unique design feature. Whether adorned with shade cloth, built-in custom benches or climbing plants a pergola should blend with the style or your home while proving the framework for an added outdoor space.