Describing Blondie’s Treehouse Inc. is no simple task. With decades of experience, we stand as a leading force in design, service, and horticultural expertise within our industry. Over the years, we’ve consistently set the bar, pushing the boundaries to introduce the latest technologies, services, and trends.

Under the BTH umbrella, we house a diverse range of specialized departments including interiorscaping, green walls, exterior garden design, landscape architecture, design build, landscape construction, green roofs, horticultural service, floral design, seasonal design, and holiday decor. Even with this comprehensive list, we mustn’t forget our custom wood and metal fabrication shops, specialized arbor care, and a dedicated department working with faux, preserved, and silk botanical design. Additionally, our specialized irrigation department, lighting design, and a team of skilled draftsmen all play crucial roles.

We’re also proud to offer a National Account Program and the ability to specify and install our designs worldwide, further showcasing the depth of our capabilities as a diverse company. On the other side of the equation, we serve a diverse clientele, ranging from full-service partnerships within the hospitality industry and multi-location brands, to single custom installations for corporate offices, as well as individual residential clientele.

Blondie’s Treehouse operates on various levels to meet the needs of our valued clients. Whether taking charge of entire projects or collaborating as a key vendor, we have the capacity to handle all the necessary details. As you can see, attempting to encapsulate all that Blondie’s Treehouse encompasses is no easy feat!