Arborist Services

Blondie’s Treehouse, Inc.  proudly announces our merger with Urban Arborists. A knowledge-driven company, Urban Arborists is modeled after a doctor’s office, providing complete tree care and diagnostic services to over one thousand municipalities, institutions, landscape architects, and private clients. Our Brooklyn-based facility houses our team of 20+ licensed arborists and tree care professionals. This merger expands Blondie’s offerings to include the widest range of landscape and arborist services available to New Yorkers. Together, we are now capable of providing specialty arbor-care services for our clients, including:

  • specification + planting
  • tree limb removal
  • storm response
  • safety pruning
  • tree removal
  • winterization
  • permit + craning
  • integrated pest management
  • diagnosis and treatment programs

This exciting merger marks a significant step forward for Blondie’s Treehouse, Inc., as it broadens our service portfolio to encompass the most extensive range of landscape and arborist services available to the residents of New York. Together, we are poised to provide unparalleled expertise and excellence in our commitment to urban greenery and tree care.

Tree Care and Services


BTH’s specialty arbor care division is capable of planting trees at every scale, from a single specimen, to a complete garden of woody plants. We specialize in providing tree planting services tailored to all scales and sizes, ensuring the right trees find their place in diverse landscapes, from small residential yards to expansive urban developments. Our team combines tree planting expertise with specialized craning rooftop services. Our tree planting services expertly cater to diverse needs, offering professional and thoughtful solutions to enhance green spaces with carefully selected and skillfully planted trees.

Root Care

Sometimes roots are unable to serve trees for different reasons.  They may be growing in a circular pattern around a tree’s stem and cutting off tree circulation, or they may have been buried and unable to function for lack of oxygen.  Sometimes fine roots can become so dense in a planter that we need to create narrow holes for air and water to circulate.  Our team knows what to look for when they perform root investigations, and they know how to mitigate these sorts of problems so that roots can grow better and take up more nutrients and water from the soils, thus creating a healthier and happier tree and gardenscape.


Our passion and expertise about landscape and arbor design comes with decades of experience caring for gardens and trees. We skillfully integrate beautiful combinations of trees and shrubs into diverse settings, be it woodland gardens, city spaces, or suburban landscapes. Our complete garden design services encompass every facet of transforming outdoor spaces, from initial conceptualization to meticulous planning and final execution. We tailor our expertise to create harmonious and personalized landscapes, ensuring every element contributes to a thriving garden environment.


There are many reasons to prune: to make a tree safer, to repair damage, to get branches out of the way, to improve a tree’s structure or health, to improve a shrub’s flowering or its shape. But in every single case, pruning is an art. We make the tree or the shrub more fitting for its place and purpose. Before we touch any plant, we discuss the purpose with our clients. We prune the minimum necessary to achieve that goal. We follow the physician creed, First Do No Harm.
We have a particular interest in formal pruning. Ornamental pollarding, coppicing, and aerial hedging are all areas where we have particular expertise.


In times of emergencies and the aftermath of storm damage, our tree care arbor services emerge as a reliable and swift response team. Recognizing the urgency of such situations, we specialize in providing effective solutions to alleviate and clean up suddenly precarious environments. Our dedicated team is well-prepared to address the diverse needs of areas impacted by unforeseen challenges. Clients can trust in our dedication, experience, and commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions. We stand as a steadfast partner, ensuring that the impact of unforeseen challenges is mitigated, and green spaces are restored to their full vitality.


Specializing in arbor services, BTH provides targeted treatments for specific pests affecting particular plants, including addressing concerns related to pests like the spotted lanternfly. Our approach involves treatment initiation when the presence of a detrimental antagonist is confirmed in significant numbers, and we act during vulnerable stages of the pest. Prioritizing eco-friendly solutions, we explore the least toxic alternatives, such as oils, soaps, and occasionally more potent pesticides. Adhering to biorational guidelines, we ensure environmentally conscious practices in all our work, with strictly organic options available upon request.


Ensuring the well-being of woody plants within a landscape involves the strategic management of soils, water, and potential antagonists. At Blondie’s, we devise comprehensive plans that meticulously assess these factors, offering detailed recommendations and service programs.  Following a thorough evaluation, our service programs,  encompass seasonal treatment strategies, and a tailored list of remedies—all of which are organic or biorational in nature. Clear communication and a well-defined strategy are fundamental to a successful garden maintenance plan. By articulating precise goals, detailing tasks, and fostering open communication channels, a robust plan ensures that all stakeholders are aligned, contributing to the health and beauty of the garden environment.

Soil Remediation

Soil integrity can be damaged by compaction, impeding the circulation of water, altering the chemical composition within a tree’s root zone. While soil replacement is sometimes necessary, Blondie’s arbor care services can also amend soils, supporting the life of existing trees. The organic amendments we provide boost the populations and activity of decomposers and beneficial microbes, promote root-fungi symbiosis that enhances uptake of water and nutrients, and stimulate new root production to induce systemic resistance to pests and pathogens. We are expert at soil assessment and remediation. We may adjust anything from soil biologicals, to pH, to texture, to organic matter, depending upon the unique needs of the plants.


The strategic use of cables and braces in trees is essential for averting failures of weak or exceptionally large branches during wind and storms.  Blondie’s tree care services possesses in-depth knowledge regarding the selection of appropriate cables for specific conditions and tree types, as well as a keen understanding of situations where cabling may not be advisable. Our expertise extends to skillfully placing brace and cable combinations to repair vulnerable crotches prone to cracking, allowing us to rescue trees that might otherwise be lost. Additionally, our proficiency includes crafting supports, often utilizing wood from the same tree or species, to preserve long, low branches that cannot be adequately pruned to prevent breakage.

Forensic Services

Blondie’s arbor care services excel in the specialized assessment of tree and branch failures in urban and suburban environments. Our daily fieldwork equips us with a rich database of experiences, offering in-depth insights into the various shocks affecting urban trees. With extensive knowledge on the relative tolerance of different tree species to similar issues, we bring valuable expertise to every situation. Furthermore, our strong connections within scientific and municipal communities provide us with reliable guidance in addressing specific challenges.

Tree Inventories

Tree inventories is a cherished undertaking at Blondie’s as it allows us to intimately explore entire landscapes through the unique perspective of trees and shrubs. Our meticulous approach involves locating, accurately identifying, and measuring plants, coupled with a comprehensive assessment of their health, condition, and prognosis. When necessary, we provide suggestions for remedial or mitigation treatments, and we take pride in utilizing these surveys as the foundation for long-term care strategies.

Succession Planning

Elevating the insights gained from inventories, we find joy in envisioning the evolving canopy and understory, where venerable, older trees retrench, and new trees mature into replacements. Through meticulous succession planning, those responsible for landscaped open spaces can actively contribute to the preservation or restoration of aesthetic and historical legacies. This approach also serves to maintain or enhance environmental services, fostering the transformation and renewal of aging treescapes.

Protection Plans

To prevent tree loss during construction, engaging an arborist to craft a Tree Protection Plan is paramount. These plans outline the spatial needs of existing trees, specify tailored protection methods, and aid stakeholders in prioritizing trees for preservation. Additionally, they provide remediation recommendations for trees affected directly or indirectly by construction. Implementing a comprehensive Tree Protection Plan is a crucial element for the sustained success of the project.

Crown Investigation

Root crown investigations are employed in various scenarios, primarily to identify suspected girdling roots or evaluate the potential impact of planned excavation on specific trees’ root systems. In the confines of a dense city environment, construction often encroaches on a tree’s growing space. Through a root crown investigation, we assess the size, number, and depth of roots that could be at risk of damage, equipping our clients with essential information to make informed decisions.

Risk Management

Assessing whether a tree poses a risk is a weighty responsibility that goes beyond mere form-filling and number-crunching. We draw on our extensive experience to thoroughly evaluate the condition, stability, and longevity of trees. Our conservative approach, driven by a genuine appreciation for trees, leans towards preservation whenever feasible. Our expertise extends to risk assessment through inspections, where our climber teams collaborate closely with our arborists to identify and evaluate defects in trees found at height.

Spotted lantern Fly

The invasive Spotted Lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula, originally native to East Asia, has emerged as a significant ecological threat, spreading its wings of concern and finding its way to new habitats, particularly in North America. Known for its voracious appetite, this invasive insect primarily feeds on the sap of a wide range of plants, including fruit trees, ornamental plants, and valuable hardwoods. Mitigating the Spotted Lanternfly requires proactive measures, particularly during its dormancy period from November to March. Increased vigilance, early detection, and prompt action become imperative to curtail the lanternfly’s impact.

To read more about this invasive species and what you can do to mitigate it’s impact in your garden and local ecosystem,
link here.