This 80,000 square foot luxury fitness center is located in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan and features top of the line facilities. Two exterior amenity spaces were created on the exterior roof areas outside the main fitness center. These spaces include a pool and lounge deck, with built in curved planters and benches, a bocce court, a putting green and an outdoor movie projection. The coup de grace of the space however is a giant weathervane sculpture by Susumu Shingu. All of the amenities, including the soaring sculpture, are accented and framed by lush landscaping- much of it seemingly growing from amid a modern take on a Japanese rock garden. Species of plants employed in the garden included Crape Myrtle, Osmanthus goshiki, various grasses, bamboo, and boxwood. Multiple craning days made it possible to utilize very well developed trees and tall specimen bamboo, not to mention the extensive yardage of stone. Accent lighting is designed and installed throughout the terraces and a complex irrigation system maintains the many planting areas. The building also features green roofs on every level of the Z shaped setbacks- over 6000 square feet.