Just as dining outdoors is a true pleasure, cooking and preparing food outside expands the experience and creates a true outdoor living environment. The best outdoor kitchens are designed to be as functional as an indoor kitchen and as entertaining as a family room. A simple design of a grill and dining area can be very transformational, while an elaborate and fully outfitted kitchen complete with built-in appliances, dining area and seating can be completely transcendent. There are many considerations while dreaming up your exterior culinary experience, and to start appliances will determine the size. Top of the line appliances, from the ultimate grill to beverage coolers and pizza ovens are available. The selection of materials will also determine the size and scale of the project. Stainless steel appliances will withstand the elements and durable materials for the countertops and cabinetry can range anywhere from cast concrete aggregate to granite, tile, flagstone amongst others. The selection of materials should coordinate with one another as well as with the materials used throughout your landscape and the exterior of your home To extend the use of the area consider a tall roof or pergola; sites with hot conditions may want an overhead fan; colder areas may want heat lamps or a fire pit. Outdoor lighting will not only extend your time outside, but provide the safety needed around grilling areas and walkways. Incorporating an outdoor kitchen into your exterior landscape not only increasing your living space but adds versatility and value to your home.