Interior Project Gallery

Recognized as a leader in the interior plantscape industry for over 40 years, Blondie’s is a trailblazer in the horticultural industry. True because we are headquartered in the City of New York and are surrounded by some of the world’s most powerful innovators and creative eclectic energy, and also because we circle the globe with exciting national and international projects that stretch the imagination and takes our decades of sure-footed experience to actualize. To pull projects off at this scale it takes major coordination and clear communication across multiple sectors to get it done right. With deeply developed relationships, starting with the farms where we grow and source our plant material, all the way through the supply chain of craftsmen, artisans, fabricators, and endless vendor partners, Blondie’s bandwidth to accomplish the most succinct designs and inspirational botanical visions is unparallel. From greening the city’s office spaces and installing green wall air purification systems, to cocreating custom botanical branding that is a feast for the imagination, we love love love working with our clients.