Blondie’s is proud to be one of Polarmoss’ North American Distributors. Relying on the high-quality of Polarmoss, we have utilized their products for many years in a wide range of design applications. Whether you are in need of bulk supplies or customized design elements, Blondie’s can provide a range of services including design, custom fabrication and installation and shipment of this versatile and unique product.

Founded in 1985, Polarmoss is a Finnish company that is one of largest manufacturers and suppliers of dried and colored reindeer moss products in the world. Polarmoss designs and manufactures handcrafted high-quality interior design products from colored and preserved reindeer moss.

Reindeer moss is 100% natural material. Polarmoss’ production starts in the forest. Picking the correct grades of moss is very important for our high-quality products. With a long tradition of knowhow we do this the best in the world.
The Colored Moss is manually colored and preserved through our manufacturing processes. The material is maintenance-free and flame-retardant. All Polarmoss Colored Moss and Interior Design products are available in a variety of beautiful colors, offering distinct possibilities for creating different styles and atmospheres.

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