New York Post | Office building rooftops, terraces are multiplying with a vengeance

Why do 90% of new buildings in NYC include landscaped outdoor space? Why are owners of existing commercial properties racing to add terraces, roof decks and courtyards to their amenities? The answer is simple- ROI. The Post takes a close look at one of the hottest trends in NY real estate- Outdoor spaces built to attract deep-pocketed tenants, and they’ve uncovered some pretty compelling findings. Savvy landlords have recognized that these spaces are a major attraction, and tenants are willing to pay more for offices with a terrace or roof deck- 14% more, according to a recent study by global real estate firm CBRE. Inexpensive compared with other high-priced building upgrades, outdoor space is a smart way to boost a buildings appeal and stand out against competing properties.

Read the entire article here, and let us know what your favorite outdoor space might look like- If you can dream it, we can design, build and maintain it.

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