Collaborative Plantscapes by Blondie’s

Collaborations that Flourish

Creating and maintaining plantscapes that enhance the beauty and functionality of a property is a collaborative effort that often involves working closely with the property’s board of directors. With decades of experience, Blondie’s understands how to effectively partner with property management to ensure a seamless and successful horticultural experience.

Blondie’s is your full-service horticultural care for all of your property management needs.

Whether it’s new construction or the renovation of an existing garden, terrace or rooftop, Blondie’s has decades of experience in transforming exterior spaces into thoughtful livable environments. We understand the many considerations that need to be incorporated and work to customize to the needs of the client and character of the residence. Whether we are working with developed residential building or a private residence, BTH understands how to define a scope of service that reflects each client and delivers a complete exterior experience.

Whether a single private residence or the property of a larger residential building, BTH has services geared for each client and their specific needs:

  • Seasonal Property Assessments
  • Irrigation Programs
  • Custom Carpentry
  • Hardscaping
  • Garden Design + Installation
  • Lighting Design
  • Seasonal Planting Rotations
  • Horticultural Maintenance
  • Live + Faux Options