Green Therapy: The well-being of a green thumb

We all know that plants purify the air by removing toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene, but are we aware that by taking care of our indoor green buddies that they are actually taking care of us in return?

Although watering, trimming, and fussing over houseplants may seem to some like yet another household chore, from a therapeutic perspective it is rich with mental health benefits. The idea is rooted in a psychological concept called “biophilia,” which suggests that humans are genetically and instinctively connected to the natural world and plants. 

Valued as both a creative outlet and for the emotional connection that occurs while we are caring for our beloved botanicals, having indoor plants can alleviate stress, aesthetically brighten up any room and in-turn uplift our mood, support mindfulness and be an important self-care reminder. In a moment of time where we are home more than ever, coexisting with our plant companions has never been more effective in supporting our well-being.