Nature belongs in the built environment.

The built environment matters more today than ever before. With developers, office managers, and the hospitality industry exploring ways to entice people back into the office, knowing how to incorporate biophilic design into planning and design is crucial.
Adding nature to your next project has a wide variety of proven benefits. From the aesthetic to increased property value to improved productivity and wellness for employees, the benefits of nature add up to a clear win for companies, employees and customers.
And the benefits are real!
Recent studies have shown the benefits of incorporating plants and Biophiliac Design into the built environment:

38% Reduced fatigue
15% Higher creativity
15% More productive
44% Reduced feelings of anger
37% Lower tension and anxiety levels
Blondie’s Treehouse is dedicated to creating unique and vital greenscapes.
BTH is a dynamic company consisting of multidisciplinary departments of expertise including; landscape architecture, garden design, exterior construction, design/build, interiorscape, floral design, holiday and botanical décor. As a diverse company Blondie’s specializes in horticulture design, installation and maintenance, green walls, green roofs, faux and moss walls, irrigation, lighting, and custom botanical décor. For over 40 years our passion has been to connect people with plantscapes that benefit the environment and inspire us to breathe deeply and renew.