Brilliance Lighting Award !

325 Kent Ave is a residential building that is part of the larger Domino Sugar site being developed by Two Trees Management, Inc. The building has a noticeable ‘hole’ in the center- a playful nod to the ubiquitous ‘Sugar’ donut. The building was designed by Ismael Levya Architects, while the interiors were developed by Leeser Architecture. Blondie’s Treehouse, Inc built all three main exterior amenity spaces.

The Courtyard is 9900 SF. A central, rectilinear dry-bed leads through a random planting of large Shade trees, ferns and perennials and ends at a blackened steel water feature. The water spills into a reflecting pool that features a 12’ tall sandstone sculpture by Lluis Lleo. Two thirty foot built-in benches flank the deck that surrounds the end of the reflecting pool.

The 16th Floor has two terraces that are nearly mirror images. At roughly 3000 SF, one of the terraces functions as an entertainment space with a built in kitchen and seating, while the other features a flush deck that acts as an outdoor yoga classroom.

The 17th Floor Roof deck is approximately 5000 SF and comprises distinct usage areas, including a 40’ long kitchen and bar area, picnic spaces, North and South lounges, conversational clusters and a raised garden of steppable plants and lounge chairs under shade trees. Blondie’s Treehouse, Inc. fabricated all of the architecture above the waterproofing membrane- including the custom kitchen, planters, edging, stairs, decking, lounges and benches.

Blackened Steel, ipe, rectangular pavers and linear lighting appear throughout the spaces.


Kips Bay Showhouse

Each year, celebrated interior designers transform a luxury Manhattan home into an elegant exhibition of fine furnishings, art and technology. Blondie’s is proud to participate in this year’s showhouse by providing the botanical decor including an exterior moss wall, water feature accents and greenery.
The Show House receives as many as 15,000 guests annually from across the nation. Since its inception, the Show House has raised over $21,000,000 for the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, which currently reaches over 10,000 young people at nine locations throughout the Bronx. Today, the club is proudly one of the most prominent and responsive youth development agencies in New York City and a flagship of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

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Cultivating A Career

This spring Blondie’s president, Howard K. Freilich, is featured in WAG, Westchester’s leading lifestyle magazine. Following Howard through his professional career, the readers gain unique insight to Blondie’s conception and lifetime that spans over thirty-five years. Written by Mary Shustack Howard K. Freilich started his horticultural business out of the back of a humble camper in late-1970s Westchester. Today, he stands as the president of Blondie’s Treehouse Inc., a multimillion-dollar enterprise that’s one of the 10 largest interior horticultural companies in the country. But don’t expect Freilich to be a humorless executive complete with a designer suit and slick surroundings. No, it’s a laid-back and welcoming man – a study in casual style with jeans, zippered pullover and earring – who welcomes a pair of visitors to the company’s Mamaroneck headquarters on a recent morning. Freilich’s light-filled office, nestled within a 19th-century former factory, is vibrant with an eclectic mix of art and books, antiques and vintage finds, rock music and plants – lots and lots of plants. “Sometimes they say the shoemaker has no shoes. I have lots of plants,” he says with a ready smile. “It was always a hobby,” Freilich adds. “I was really fortunate. I have a green thumb.” But Freilich, a Queens native, actually began his studies to become a veterinarian before he would turn his attention to horticulture. “I started out really as an animal husbandry major, to be a vet, but I have allergies and it made it really uncomfortable,” Freilich says. “Being young and stupid, I continued that for two years in college.” At some point, he says, “I finally said, ‘It’s not for me.’” That wake-up call put Freilich on a path that would lead to the success that is Blondie’s Treehouse, which he has nurtured to its 35th anniversary this year. Its name, he shares, has quite a clear-cut origin. “My nickname’s always been Blondie. We put trees in houses. It’s what I do.” That is, of course, in simplest terms. With a staff of more than 100, four locations and sales in excess of $10 million, Blondie’s Treehouse is an industry powerhouse. The company has won more than 30 awards for its work throughout the tristate area and has been listed as one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing companies. The company has built its reputation on dealing directly with businesses and designers. “We are not a nursery,” Freilich says. “We’re not geared to that.” In addition to the Mamaroneck facility, the company has a floral studio in Manhattan with a showroom Freilich says is in the “heart of the plant and flower district.” The New York-based staff is ideally poised for its work with top clients. “We do The Plaza, Omni and The Ritz and The Mandarin and The Waldorf and The Pierre …” he says. That work includes stylish interior and exterior plantings and floral arrangements, as well as special-event services. But the business of Blondie’s extends far beyond New York. “We do work all over the country now,” Freilich says. And it’s quite a leap from his earliest days. Link to the complete article here.

Designer Spotlight: Daria Snyder

Recently, Daria Snyder, Blondie’s National Design Consultant has been featured by Autograph Foliages.

Check out the article below or link to it here.

Daria Snyder has been an interior plantscape designer for nearly 30 years.  She develops & manages large national projects for Blondie’s Treehouse, Inc. based in New York. Working with Blondie’s, the sixth largest interiorscape company in the United States, she handles everything from holiday design to interior plantscapes, hotels to shopping venues. Based in Denver CO she is centrally located to service all national accounts.

Daria uses Autograph Foliages in a big way. Recently she was in charge of a project for a major hotel chain with many sites.  Daria says that our succulents provided the perfect elements for her design.  “They are so real both to the eye and to the touch”, she said.  Included was a 12′ by 6′ green wall of succulents, along with other elements like a custom Polyblend® podocarpus. “I love the non-fade part of the Polyblend®,” said Daria, “from shape to size and coloration, the plants were perfect.”

“For another project we created long trough planters in a number of food courts and filled them with succulents top-dressed with Autograph’s green moss. The end result for all of these projects has exceeded our demands and the client was thrilled”, said Daria.  “Autograph is my go-to resource for replica plants as well as holiday material.  I can always count on their customer service, the variety, and the ‘realness’ of their products.  I have so many choices and they custom fabricate whatever else I need.”

“One thing I love is that no matter what the exterior plant material palette is in any part of the country, they have the material available.  So, if I am working in the California area, the Southwest, or Northeast, they have the right artificial/replica plants for the geography.  To do what I do, I usually need huge variety and large quantities.  Autograph fills all my needs. Blondie’s does a lot of huge projects and when we need replica or holiday, Autograph fills all our needs whether it is a few plants or thousands.  It is great to have such an outstanding vendor to always be able to count upon.  Thanks Autograph.”

Daria Snyder
National Design Consultant  |  Blondie’s Treehouse Inc.