22’ Wreath at Grand Central Station

What’s 22’ wide, hangs over midtown, weighs an actual ton, and is loved by one and all? It’s no easy feat dressing up a gigantic transit hub, much less an icon, a landmark, an architectural and engineering marvel in the heart of the busiest city in the world-  We proudly present Grand Central Terminal’s absolutely enormous wreath, displayed about as prominently as it gets, and delivering holiday cheer to Midtown in dramatic fashion. No fewer than twelve individual frames support this gargantuan wreath, which clocks in at over 22’ in diameter. The oversize custom red bow is 13.5’ wide, adorned with twin 15’ tails. Our state-of-the-art control system acts as the brains of the wreath, directing a dazzling array of custom light displays. Adorned with over 7,400 lights, this wreath boasts over a mile of lights! Happy Holidays, NYC!


Holiday Trends 2016

Every year Blondie’s designers scour the markets for current trends, new materials and inspiring designs. This year we are seeing a continuation of using natural materials and sculptural branching only now with a boho edge of mixing in a hint of glamour and metal to earthtone palettes. Flocking has also seen a continued expansion into different interpretations and textures such as iced, frosted and crystal. Layered colors introduce a soft palette that complement and blend with the overall design, as well as a monochromatic palette that combines various finishes such as matte, gloss, pearlized, metal and soft fabric. Playfulness is being seen with the use of nostalgic figurines, animals such as owls and deer, as well as vintage and retro design concepts. Look for a futuristic edge as well, with the combination of transparent colors, unique lighting display and the application of metallic textures that is somewhere between technology and decor.

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2015 Holiday Showcase

Every year Blondie’s Holiday House designs and installs hundreds of Holiday displays. Each account is unique, site-specific and produced in our Holiday workshop that functions year round. Now that it is early January we have a flood of decor streaming back into the building. Each account is assessed and stored until it is time to refurbish or redesign for the next holiday season. 2015 was a really exciting year with an emphasis on monochromatic and tonal design. We saw ornaments being massed together to create a tight and opulent texture as well as an interest in a mixed metallic palette. Incorporating natural elements such as pods, ferns and cones was also very popular. Here is a sampling of what was out there this year…. enjoy !

Botanical Guide to Holiday Gift Giving


The instantly recognizable poinsettia plays a central role in scores of our seasonal holiday displays. We work with growers year round to ensure we have the highest quality and best possible assortment of poinsettias, kalanchoe and other colorful flowering plants popular during the holiday season. Today, poinsettias are available in a huge assortment of colors and styles. Speckled and rosette varieties with names like ‘Ice Punch’ and ‘Winter Rose’ have joined the familiar red, white and pink standards. Non-traditional embellishments such as glitter add a twist and unique top-dressing and containers help transform a simple holiday display into something exciting and unusual.

Seasonal Plants

Rosemary topiaries or miniature Norfolk Pine arrive dressed up for the holidays and are perfect as gifts for friends, coworkers, clients and employees. White Phalaenopsis Orchids are elegant statement plants perfectly suited for the holidays. Details such as ice branches, seasonal top dressing and ribbon create a bespoke, professional holiday presentation that will be remembered long after.

Succulents and Terrariums

Succulent plants and glass terrariums are funky, unusual options that turn heads and are sure to earn you ‘unique gift’ points. Succulents in the right container can provide a modern and gender neutral gift while terrariums are a distinct curiosity unto themselves and provide something memorable and exciting.

Floral Arrangements

Fresh seasonal floral arrangements can provide drama and flair for the Holidays unlike any other option. Overflowing with blooms and scented greens, floral designers have the unique ability to capture the Holiday spirit using the freshness the season has to offer. Whether a bouquet of bold red amaryllis, or a traditional urn full of pine and seasonal berries, floral arrangements can be customized to reflect the likes and aesthetics of the gift-giver and recipient.

Silk, Replica + Preserved

Another option not to be missed is silk arrangements. Make sure you’re only using top quality silk and replica plant material. Use a company who stands behind their product with a replacement guarantee, and ask lots of questions about what is being recommended to you. Using replica products, designers are able create in ways not possible with live material. This results in outstanding festive design. When treated well and stored properly these arrangements can last years as a consistent reminder of the gifts original intention.

Wreaths + Décor

There are many ways to spread the holiday cheer by creating décor that captures the spirit of the season. A live or replica wreath could be a non-denominational seasonal creation or jazzed up by using a Christmas theme. A container with seasonal branching can be adorned with pine and décor at its base and delivered as a unique and high end gift.

Every year, Blondie’s Treehouse creates gorgeous, unique seasonal displays. We love to brainstorm, bounce ideas off one another, and customize for our clients. The holidays are right around the corner. What can we create for you?

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Top Holiday Trends 2014

Touring the globe, Blondie’s Holiday designers always have their fingers on the pulse. Here is what we’ve found to be the most exciting trends of the 2014 holiday season:

Burlap Glam

Burlap and heavy woven linens have been around for a couple of years in a big way.  Whether used as a ribbon, fabricated into ornaments or as décor accents, we’ve seen everything from burlap owls to tree skirts to wreaths. This year a fine twist is added, a touch of bling. Metallic trim, a hint of gold in the weave, a way to kick it up a notch and say this burlap is luxurious.  Look for it mixed with soft golds, cream tones and champagne. When paired with earth tones and natural elements, this year’s style transforms the rustic woodland cabin into a grand lodge, Aspen Colorado. This theme also pairs very nicely with another trend that we have been seeing, the use of home décor items within the tree. Objects such as clocks and lanterns are perched amongst the branches and add an additional layer of visual interest and design appeal.

Cool Frost

Winter White has been growing in popularity in recent years and with this season’s element of frost added to the look a simple elegance is revealed. Find it in lacey trim, incorporating baubles and clear glass, this theme combines silver and crystal with icy colors and matte finishes. Paired with this trend is the use of pale blue, soft turquoise as well as pistachio and celadon green. This frosted look combines delicate grey tones with the refreshing and invigorating feel of a frosted winter scene.

Fresh Tradition

Transformed by a fresh color palette of apple red and lime green, this traditional favorite receives a bright makeover. Captivating and fresh, combine with a bold white, in the place of more traditional metallic, for an added pop. To tone it down a bit the green turns into an opulent emerald that combines elegantly with deeper juicier reds. In this rendition you may find it accented with warm gold tones and rich textures. Year after year this color palette undergoes a rebirth and this year’s palettes promise both freshness and deeper traditions.

Holiday Nightshade

Imagine rich browns, and muted bronze. Now mix in a touch of deep aubergine. Atop of this luscious foundation place a splash of spicy orange, a tangy yellow and maybe, maybe a thin vein of brilliant turquoise. What could best tie this all together? The intentional use of black. The presence of black has become a trendy way to create sharp contrast and pop. Find it also paired with Radiant Orchid, color of the year, mixed with an ombre of purple tones including amethyst, lavender and plum. With this jewel tone palette antique gold and mercury glass create a vintage and stylish look.  With the precise placement of black, Holiday décor begins to look like something you’d find in a jewelry box. Ornate and artistic this palette is the décor nouveau of the season.

Inspiration and Resources:

http://bit.ly/1q1xcpM  http://bit.ly/V5QVbd  http://bit.ly/1qsTC0V