The Modern Concrete Planter

These are not your traditional garden urns, with their faux drapery and Greco-Roman patterning. Not that traditional style doesn’t have its appropriate time and space. But there is a whole new generation of concrete planters that are appealing to an edgier market and contemporary landscape design.

Made with modern silhouettes and sleek finishes, we see gentle sloping profiles as well as hard geometric lines. In a variety of sizes, from small accent pieces to large containers, these products offer a vessel for everything from a low succulent bowl to large trees and shrubs.

Also gone are the overweight, splitting, chipping, cracking character of older concrete pots. The new generation of planters are reinforced with the fiber of steel or glass making them lighter and resistant to shrinkage and cracking caused by temperature change and inclement weather. With the improved structural integrity comes a new durability and with almost half the weight of solid concrete.

Available in a number of finishes and a variety of staining options, these containers provide an understated yet notable presence in today’s garden design.