Corporations are branching out, literally.

It has been some time now that companies recognize the benefits of workplace gardens, and luckily the trend continues. A key feature of the modern-day workplace is their outdoor spaces created for employees to work, socialize, eat and relax.
The positive effects that gardens can have on the day-to-day experience of employees are numerous.
Being able to step away from the hustle, a well-designed landscape can offer a place to decompress or find inspiration. Pathways and benches nestled between trees, shrubbery and flowers create a peaceful haven to recharge.
Choosing to incorporate pergolas or canopies, provides shade and a relaxing setting, gardens become neutral zones where office roles fall away, ideas are born, and collaboration naturally takes place.
In an urban setting, companies use the roof as an innovative solution for the need of outdoor green space. Potted trees, foliage gardens and small clusters of tables or bench seating can come together to make attractive meeting areas.
Incorporating green roofs is also increasingly popular. When skillfully installed, a small infrastructure composed of waterproofing, a planting bed and possibly irrigation creates a garden space habitat for plants to flourish. This design feature can also help lower city pollution and insulate the building, increasing the beneficial reach of this landscape design element.
Interestingly, it is both the view of the outside landscape as well as the downtime spent outdoors that energize employees. Companies have developed employee wellness goals focused around their garden-spaces involving exercise, fresh air, social connectedness and access to healthy food, all supported by a expertly designed landscape.
Whatever the character of the company, a garden’s style can complement and strengthen the brand. Gardens can be colorful and distinctive or traditional and simple. Whatever the personality, gardens bring life to areas that would otherwise be sterile and uninspiring and provide the space to experience respite, camaraderie, and collaboration…
and we all know that happy people work more efficiently :)