Interior Plant Trends | 2022

Indoor gardening is incredibly popular right now, and with good reason. It is scientifically proven that plants oxygenate the air, reduce anxiety and improve attentiveness. Whether you have converted your home into a leafy green interior or your New Year’s resolution has you aspiring to cultivate your green thumb, the list below is sure to inspire and get those green juices flowing.

– Houseplants are going large! Now that we have had some remote time at home to learn the ropes of caretaking our green friends, there is increased confidence that will lead the way to acquiring larger houseplants. As larger houseplants become the statement pieces of 2022 keep your eye out for these favorite varieties: Bird of Paradise, Ficus Audrey, Ficus triangularis, Banana / Strelitzia Nicolai.

– Plant Designers agree that you can expect to see more ferns in 2022. And while ferns enjoy being in each other’s company, in their own plant community, you can recreate the desired humidity in your home with a humidifier or by misting them often. Favorite Ferns to watch for: Australian tree fern

– Leaves splashed with the coloration of cream, pink or gold has been popping up as a very collectable trait. Variegated varieties provide contrast that can make our plant collections look even more curated. The list is many but here are some of our favorite variegated varieties: Sparkles Dieffenbachia, Lemon Lime Dracaena, ‘N Joy’ Pothos, Hoya ‘Krimson Queen’, Ficus elastica ‘Tineke’, Calathea ‘white fusion’ and Stromanthe Triostar.

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