Pergola Design

Serving as a transition between interior space and outdoor landscape, a freestanding pergola serves as a focal point, centering the space and drawing attention to the best features the garden has to offer. When properly implemented, a pergola performs double duty, extending the living space while defining a distinct outdoor space.

The overhead framing also provides welcome shade. The design of the overhead slatted wood can be simple framing or set at a slant to create the dappled sunlight of a more shaded environment. Solid roofs, retractable fabric awnings and climbing plants can also be incorporated into the design and all contribute to the final look and feel of the space.

Blondie’s specializes in custom pergolas made from Ipe, Cedar, Teak, Aluminum, and Fiberglass. By incorporating a pergola into your landscape’s design you are creating a destination to relax, entertain, or dine as well as providing your garden with a dramatic focal point.  Offering privacy, shade and a beautiful space to gather, read or relax, a pergola is a sure way to bring style and substance to any garden space.