Moss as a Work of Art

These verdant moss frames are the newest additions to Blondie’s line of signature décor. Our designers use a collection of high quality mosses, including reindeer, clump and mood moss, in a variety of shades and textures. Combined with sandblasted wooden branches and carefully selected botanical elements, our moss frames effortlessly bring nature indoors. Ask us how we can customize any piece to be in harmony with your space.

About BTH Moss Frames

  • Handmade using a collection of high-quality sustainable Moss.
  • Preserved Moss will remain vibrant without maintenance.
  • Custom hand-built wooden frame.
  • Moss Frames require no maintenance, watering, pruning or sunlight, as they are made from preserved moss which is stable and will not deteriorate or change appearance.
  • Moss Frames are made from sound-absorbing materials that reduce noise.
  • Combine multiple Moss Frames to create a large scale, attention grabbing installation.