Top Holiday Trends 2014

Touring the globe, Blondie’s Holiday designers always have their fingers on the pulse. Here is what we’ve found to be the most exciting trends of the 2014 holiday season:

Burlap Glam

Burlap and heavy woven linens have been around for a couple of years in a big way.  Whether used as a ribbon, fabricated into ornaments or as décor accents, we’ve seen everything from burlap owls to tree skirts to wreaths. This year a fine twist is added, a touch of bling. Metallic trim, a hint of gold in the weave, a way to kick it up a notch and say this burlap is luxurious.  Look for it mixed with soft golds, cream tones and champagne. When paired with earth tones and natural elements, this year’s style transforms the rustic woodland cabin into a grand lodge, Aspen Colorado. This theme also pairs very nicely with another trend that we have been seeing, the use of home décor items within the tree. Objects such as clocks and lanterns are perched amongst the branches and add an additional layer of visual interest and design appeal.

Cool Frost

Winter White has been growing in popularity in recent years and with this season’s element of frost added to the look a simple elegance is revealed. Find it in lacey trim, incorporating baubles and clear glass, this theme combines silver and crystal with icy colors and matte finishes. Paired with this trend is the use of pale blue, soft turquoise as well as pistachio and celadon green. This frosted look combines delicate grey tones with the refreshing and invigorating feel of a frosted winter scene.

Fresh Tradition

Transformed by a fresh color palette of apple red and lime green, this traditional favorite receives a bright makeover. Captivating and fresh, combine with a bold white, in the place of more traditional metallic, for an added pop. To tone it down a bit the green turns into an opulent emerald that combines elegantly with deeper juicier reds. In this rendition you may find it accented with warm gold tones and rich textures. Year after year this color palette undergoes a rebirth and this year’s palettes promise both freshness and deeper traditions.

Holiday Nightshade

Imagine rich browns, and muted bronze. Now mix in a touch of deep aubergine. Atop of this luscious foundation place a splash of spicy orange, a tangy yellow and maybe, maybe a thin vein of brilliant turquoise. What could best tie this all together? The intentional use of black. The presence of black has become a trendy way to create sharp contrast and pop. Find it also paired with Radiant Orchid, color of the year, mixed with an ombre of purple tones including amethyst, lavender and plum. With this jewel tone palette antique gold and mercury glass create a vintage and stylish look.  With the precise placement of black, Holiday décor begins to look like something you’d find in a jewelry box. Ornate and artistic this palette is the décor nouveau of the season.

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