2022 Trends in Garden Design

When considering your garden, BTH totally encourages the top priority to be your own personal needs and aspirations. Our designers will talk you through a design process that ensures your landscape is a reflection of what you are specifically looking to get from it and how you plan to use and interact with it. And while “custom landscape plan” is our middle name, it is also inspiring to peruse and consider design ideas far and wide, to help determine what you are and what you’re not looking for. To get the juices flowing, here’s a list of garden design trends for 2022:

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Are Your Gardens Ready for the Winter?

Now is the time to get our gardens ready for the winter months ahead.
Here is an Autumn garden checklist to look over, let us know how we can help!
  • Irrigation – November is the month to maintain and winterize your irrigation system
  • Mulching – Adding mulch to your garden now protects the roots of your plants through the winter
  • Burlap – Wrap to protect younger or tender trees
  • Perennials – Trim and prune
  • Annuals – Remove annuals from the garden around the first frost
  • Winter Themed Designs- Add lush green evergreen boughs, birch branches and pine cones
  • Spring Bulbs – Think spring! Time to plant your spring blooms now

Reminder! This is exactly the time of year to have your irrigation system serviced and winterized for the colder months ahead. To minimize the risk of freeze damage to costly components, this important step safeguards your investment by blowing out the irrigation equipment with compressed air and releasing any water that may be present in the system.

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Exterior Lighting – Effective and Attractive Strategies to Transform your Winter Garden

It’s dark at four? Oh, that’s just great.

To put it bluntly, wintertime means less daylight hours and tough weather conditions. By late afternoon it’s already getting dark and compared to the warmer months, our winter landscapes can appear drab and lackluster. Enter in the importance of a well thought-out lighting design.

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720’ above downtown nyc

Perched high above Downtown NYC, this 3825 SF terrace at 3 WTC is custom-made to the max. Composed of 72 LF of custom Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) benches with Ipe slat inlay and bar area with Dekton countertop, as well as built-in powder coated metal furniture with Ipe surfacing, there are plenty of options on how to enjoy this gardenscape. At 720’ in the air, 1530 SF of alpine planting, soil stabilizing sedum mat ground cover with a mix of native shrub, perennial, & grass plantings were installed to accommodate the harsh conditions, all set within sloped zinc oxide finish metal planter edging with light cove detail. All round furniture was custom made to be removable to accommodate large gatherings, giving this versatile landscape design both high impact and high function.

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