Know your Garden Style

Here in the Northeast, the weather may be frost-laden with midwinter but daydreams of warmer days and time outdoors in our gardens are the perfect moments to take note of the style and aesthetics you are dreaming about. Knowing this can help you shape the look and feel of your gardens to reflect the vibe you are going for. Below are three distinct garden styles, each with their own unique character traits. Browse through and get those juices flowing and see what resonates with you. Selecting a certain style can help you refine your plant palette, select materials, and help in creating the layout of your dream landscape.

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2022 Trends in Garden Design

When considering your garden, BTH totally encourages the top priority to be your own personal needs and aspirations. Our designers will talk you through a design process that ensures your landscape is a reflection of what you are specifically looking to get from it and how you plan to use and interact with it. And while “custom landscape plan” is our middle name, it is also inspiring to peruse and consider design ideas far and wide, to help determine what you are and what you’re not looking for. To get the juices flowing, here’s a list of garden design trends for 2022:

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Warmer days are nearly here… Promise!

We make the most of winter by planning for spring. The key to success for every garden project is early planning and thorough preparation. During the cold, dark winter months, our team is busy consulting with clients, coordinating with suppliers and fabricators, and crafting detailed renderings and construction drawings for spring installations. We power through the winter by designing our gardens, terraces and roof decks with warmer days in mind.It’s freezing and snowing in NYC today, but have no doubt- Snow blanketed yards will transform, welcoming the return of soft, supple grasses and weighted boughs will shake free from the clutches of ice and stretch out, ready to calm and inspire. We can’t wait to relax outside in the warm sunshine- where’s your favorite outdoor space?

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